Hilarious Articles from Cosmo


I love cosmopolitan for their fashion, make-up, food and drink, relationship advice and most off all for their dam right hilarious articles. They always give me a giggle some are so ridiculous i’m convinced they are actually written for a laugh,  but be warned one is not for the fainthearted!


  1. Funny unless your into this sort of thing! New York City Foot Hooker – Foot Fetish – Cosmopolitan.
  2. Gross Sex During Period – Why to Have Period Sex – Cosmopolitan.
  3. Stupid Weight Loss Is a Sign of Cheating — How to Tell If Hes Cheating – Cosmopolitan.
  4. Ouch!!! Increasing Injuries Pubic Hair Grooming – Grooming Pubic Accidents – Cosmopolitan.

What funny articles have you read recently?


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