Shutterbug’s Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale

Shutterbug Vintage

KILO SALE TIME! The Easter Bank Holiday weekend is coming and with it – the Shutterbug Vintage Kilo Sale in Langtons Night Club & Bar Kilkenny!

The kilo sale is a vintage ‘street-style’ pop up shop. But, instead of price tags – the clothes will be sold by the weight, at just €20 per kilo!

My advise to anyone attending this vintage treasure  trove:

  • Get there early! Its going to be jammed.
  • Bring as little as possible with you, they provide handy bags for keeping your potential buys. All you really need is a phone for finding your missing shopping buddies for advice and money of course to pay for your fabulous vintage finds.
  • Wear clothes that will make trying on clothes easy. I’m wear my ankle boots, leggins and a handy dress with a string top on underneath … I don’t think anyone wants a eye full of my bosom hahaha

Join the event on facebook and check out Shutterbug‘s facebook page! .

Happy Shopping!!


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