Le Specs Style Alert! – Glastonbury 2013



Le Specs an Australian company which has been around since the late 70’s (how very retro!) stole the style award at Glastonbury. It was Le Specs collaboration with Henry Holland in 2011 that catapulted the brand to stardom. Cara Delevingne who is regularly out and about wearing the brands unusually and funcky specs along with her sister Poppy and a few other fash pack members were spotted sporting the sunnies at glasto this year.

 Cara Delevingne,Poppy Delevingne &  Clara Paget.

Their not to pricey either, ranging from around €35 to €55. Although Le Specs are not available to buy directly from their website, ASOS.com has a small collection and JustSunnies.com.au have the full collection. Including delivery the glasses work out at almost the same price (jussunnies.com.au is a little cheaper).

Check out their campaign video is amazing (ahem eye candy) and the song Now you’re mine by Shadow on Stars is my new favorite!!